About Us

HumbleBean began as a project to help small to medium coffee farmers improve the quality of their harvests and produce. 

Indian coffees are not particularly well known or celebrated across the world and it was with this in mind that HumbleBean began its work - in order to bring Indian Coffees to the international stage. 

Working with small and medium farmers, HumbleBean started its journey by offering feedback via micro-lot programmes to help these farmers improve the quality of their coffee and fetch a better, fairer price for their produce. 

The supply chain in the coffee industry in India can be convoluted, with many middle men involved, resulting in a very small cut of the revenue going to the farmers. HumbleBean aims to change this situation by taking the coffee directly from the farmers to the café and cup and, in the process of doing so, enable the farmers to earn more from their coffee.

Sustainably sourcing coffee directly from these small and medium farmers, we test and handle all the roasting of the coffee and work to ensure we bring out the natural flavors of the coffee beans and maintain a standard flavor profile with our House Blends.

The Art of Blending and Roasting is a process developed and fine-tuned by HumbleBean in order to allow the natural flavors of the various coffee beans to be brought out in every cup of coffee. In addition, the Art of Blending works to ensure that a consistent flavor profile is maintained with the HumbleBean House Blends so that the flavor of the coffee is not necessarily dependent on the quality of a single seasonal harvest or estate. 

In addition, we work with many different farmers across many different estates across the country and try to bring various Limited Edition coffees with a variety of flavor profiles to offer a range of coffee drinking experiences to our customers. 

Coffee has approximately 900 aromatic and chemical components. Different combinations of components make for very diverse flavor profiles. This makes every lot of coffee beans harvested across different estates produce a unique cup of coffee. HumbleBean works with farmers across the country to develop distinct coffees that highlight the regional coffee attributes in India. From Natural to Washed processing methods, HumbleBean’s Limited Edition Coffees are developed to offer a different experience with every blend - available only for one harvest season at a time. 

HumbleBean also aims to improve coffee awareness and understanding through its Academy program. HumbleBean Academy courses are conducted by trained professionals in the Coffee Industry and are intended to skill their students in all aspects of coffee knowledge - from brewing and serving to flavor science and the art of blending and roasting. 

The HumbleBean philosophy is to encourage mindful consumption in terms of natural flavors and sustainable processing methods. This applies not only to the coffee but also to the patisseries. 

HumbleBean Patisseries are developed with a focus on healthy, premium ingredients (sourced from around the world as well as being made in-house), flavors and textures that work to enhance the coffee drinking experience, and natural flavors without added sugars or additives of any kind.

Drinking and eating at HumbleBean is a holistic experience that doesn't skimp on health or taste and is an experience for all the senses to savor.