Vacuum immersion for a smoky and clarified brew



In the 1850’s when people were increasingly disgruntled with the taste of boiled coffee, Mme. Vassieux, of Lyons, designed a Siphon brewer made of “two glass balloons held together by a frame”, and introduced a Vacuum- vapor pressure technique that resulted in a smoky, full-bodied, clarified brew.

How does it work? The bottom chamber is filled with water which is then heated. Vapor pressure forces the water to rise into the upper chamber where it is mixes with the coffee grounds. This mixed water is pulled back down into the lower chamber (because of a “vacuum” effect), through a filter in the upper chamber, leading to the collection of a beautiful brew in the lower chamber.

The Siphon uses the Immersion & Low-Pressure extraction technique of brewing.


Minimum Equipment

  • Siphon Coffee Maker
  • Siphon Filter
  • Heat Source
  • Coffee
  • Hot Water
  • Non-Metal Spoon

Optimal Equipment

  • Gooseneck Kettle
  • Scale
  • Timer
  • Thermometer
 Grind Size Coffee Water Ratio Roast Total Brewing Time
Medium - Coarse 1:13 Light or Medium 2.5 - 3 minutes


  • Coffee: 20 g
  • Water : 270 ML
  • Makes  1 Cup of Coffee


Step 1 - HEAT

Heat fresh water to 200° F using a thermometer. Or, bring water to a boil and let it stand for 30 seconds.

Step 2 - SET-UP

  • Fill bottom chamber with 270 ml of water.
  • Soak filter in a warm water for 5 minutes & hook it to top component of the Siphon.
  • Fix top chamber into the bottom bulb by placing it securely and evenly.
  • Position the assembly above your heat source & turn it on.

Step 3 - BOIL

Soon, the water in from the lower chamber will rise and collect in the upper chamber. Turn your heat source down so that the water is between 185-195 degrees F.

Step 4 - BREW

  • Measure out between 20 grams of coffee.
  • Add your coffee to the top chamber &, gently submerge it with a non-metal stirrer.
  • Brew for 1 min 45 sec.


Remove siphon from its heat source & give it ten stirs.

Step 6 - SERVE

  • In about 1 minute your coffee collects in the bottom chamber. It’s ready when a dome of grounds has formed at the top of the filter.
  • Remove the top chamber. Give the coffee 1 minute to cool before serving, to maximize its flavours.

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Brewing Tips

  • It takes quite a while to heat water in the siphon. Preheat Your Water In A Kettle First
  • Tilt the Upper chamber while heating the water & make sure there’s always the chain in the water as you heat it. This prevents water from Superheating.
  • Ensure your stirring spoon is made of wood & not metal. Metal shatters glass.
  • Don’t forget to rinse your filter and store it in water in the fridge, this keeps it from drying and becoming brittle.

Tasting Notes

  • Bright, Sweet, Clarified, Full-bodied & Smoky
  • Best had Black.

Food Pairing

Light Cookies, Pastries, Toast, Pancakes, Fruit, Poultry, Bacon