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Coorg, Anaerobic Fermented Naturals (100% Liberica)

Coorg, Anaerobic Fermented Naturals (100% Liberica)

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Processing: Anaerobic Fermented Naturals
Tasting Notes: Fruity, Woody Pine, Wine-like, Fermented Berries.
Brewing recommendation: French Press | Pour-Over | Aeropress | Chemex


Sampigehalla is owned by one of the family who are ethnic to region Coorg and have been growing coffee for the last four generations. The plantation is situated in the cloud forest of Coorg, at an elevation of 3600 feet above sea level. The well-tended coffee trees of Sampigehalla are nurtured under the primary shade of endemic deciduous and evergreen trees with fruit trees, dadap and glyricidia providing a canopy of secondary shade.Leaf and fruit litter from the dense tree canopy under which the coffee is grown encourages the growth of micro-organisms and earth worms that aerate soil, enriching soil health.Beekeeping plays a key role in the holistic cycle. Bees cross pollinate coffee flowers while also feeding off natural forest flowers and fruits. on-farm composting completes the full circle of ecologically friendly and sustainable farming practices.

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HumbleBean believes in Social Value Investing, where investing at the source ( i.e. the small and medium farmers) improves the marketplace and helps farmers earn more for their produce. Buying from HumbleBean is to invest in the future of Indian coffee. Experience the best of the natural flavors and textures of Indian coffee with HumbleBean.