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Coorg, Naturals (100% Robusta)

Coorg, Naturals (100% Robusta)

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Processing: Naturals
Tasting Notes: Chocolate, Caramel, Fruity, Wine like, Nutty, Buttery
Brewing recommendation: French Press | Pour-Over | Aeropress | Chemex


A 20 km drive from the scenic Madikeri town of the Coorg district in Karnataka leads you to the sprawling Ponnathmotte Estate, where the rich aroma of coffee beans engulfs you. The word ‘Ponnathmotte’ means ‘Golden Hills’ in the local language. The estate was started over 80 years ago and is now looked after by theowners’ third generation. The region is blessed with adequate rainfall, rich soil, and an ideal climate suited to growing coffee.
Thanks to its elevation of 3,600 ft. (1,100 m), Ponnathmotte Estate produces superior quality of Robusta & Arabica coffee seeds, as well as a special blend of hybrid variety known as CxR (Coffea congenisis and Robusta)

The estate’s immense tree canopy attracts a wide variety of migratory birds from long distances and provides a natural habitat for insects and honeybees. These factors help in better cross-pollination thus increasing the yield of Robusta. Also, thanks to the natural farming techniques employed, the coffee beans produced meet the highest quality standards.
Another specialty is the good number of rosewood trees that thrive in the estate and provide filter shade which is necessary for coffee plants. Cluster fig trees can be seen as well around the plantation, which not only provide shade, but its fruit cultivation is known to improve the coffee taste.
Ponnathmotte Estate employs a full-time labour force who are provided individual quarters within the estate. The estate also grows other spices such as cardamom, pepper, and a few selections of fruits.

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