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Giri, Black Honey Sun Dried (100% Arabica)

Giri, Black Honey Sun Dried (100% Arabica)

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Processing: Black Honey Sun Dried
Tasting Notes: Caramel, Honey, Cocoa, Nutty, Mellow
Brewing recommendation: French Press | Pour-Over | Aeropress | Chemex

Nestled in the scenic Giri region at elevations between 4400 and 4600 feet, Yelnoorkhan Estate is celebrated for its exceptional Arabica coffee. The estate benefits from a distinctive microclimate and rich, fertile soil that create ideal conditions for coffee cultivation.

Yelnoorkhan Estate prides itself on its dedication to quality. The estate utilizes selective picking techniques to harvest only the ripest cherries, ensuring the highest quality beans. Their pulping processing method further enhances the coffee's vibrant and clean flavour profile, resulting in a cup that is both bright and flavourful. 


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HumbleBean believes in Social Value Investing, where investing at the source ( i.e. the small and medium farmers) improves the marketplace and helps farmers earn more for their produce. Buying from HumbleBean is to invest in the future of Indian coffee. Experience the best of the natural flavors and textures of Indian coffee with HumbleBean.